Getting Your Artificial Christmas Tree Picture Perfect

Before we developed our patented Easy Treezy, up and perfect in 60 seconds, no fluffing needed artificial Christmas tree, we spent an exorbitant amount of time trying to perfect your standard artificial trees. While we’d love to sell you on how perfect our tree is, we’ll leave that to the website and instead, divulge all the things we’ve learned over the years.

So how exactly do you make your standard artificial Christmas tree perfect?

*Note: If you looking for an easy solution to have a picture perfect tree, you may want to also consider our Pre-Decorated Artificial Christmas Trees or Natural Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Tree.

Unpack Your Artificial Christmas Tree & Inspect It

First things first, pull your Christmas Tree out of storage or out of its shiny new box. Clear yourself some space and get your hot cocoa ready, this will probably take a good hour or two.

If your tree is pre-lit, make sure the lights work. If you have multiple lights strands/connections, we highly recommend you set them all up first. There’s nothing quite like wasting time putting together a tree that doesn’t light up, almost as wasteful as putting lights up outside that don’t (not that we know about that).

Assemble Your Tree

For some artificial trees, this is a simple process. It follows a standard, logical pattern. Other trees aren’t so simple and you may find yourself frustrated. Try not to be; this should be enjoyable. Even if your tree does snap together in a nice pattern, save your instructions, you never know when something will malfunction or not fit after a year in storage.

Pro Tip: If you lose your original instructions, you can find many sets online, especially if you buy from a larger manufacturer.

Shape & Fluff Your Christmas Tree

To properly shape your tree, we recommend starting at the bottom and move around the tree, level by level in an orderly manner. It can be tempting to tackle multiple branches at once, but to truly achieve a full look, take your time and address each branch separately. Take each branch and gently pull it away from the ‘trunk’. Then take each of the smaller branches and spread them out to achieve maximum fullness. Be sure to adjust the most outward tips haphazardly, but with a slight upward curve, like your tree is reaching for the sun. Spend the most time in your bottom (larger) sections and move upward.

Pro Tip: To hide an ugly ‘trunk’ or just reduce the light passing through your tree, adjust your interior-most branches in a vertical fashion.

Pro Tip: If your needles are prickly, grab some garden gloves. No one wants sore fingers and hands for present wrapping endeavors.

As you fluff, think about your lights and ornaments. Are your lights bright enough for you and are all the wires properly hidden? There is no shame in adding an extra stand or two of lights, especially to an older tree. Also, think about your ornaments. If you have large ornaments (I’m looking at you PreK teacher with your popsicle picture frames), or heavy ornaments, plan their locations and create gaps or extra support as needed.

Pro Tip: Adding a larger bulb to a currently pre-lit tree will add a designer look to your tree.

Once you feel like you’re done prepping your tree, take a step and look at it critically, from the bottom up. Are there any patches that aren’t to your liking? Does it form a nice triangular shape? Do have a nice branch at the top for your angel or star? Are there sections that are thinner than you’d like? Take an extra moment now to make it flawless, so once you’ve decorated it, you can have a picture perfect tree.

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